Online Toolkits

Online Toolkits

Three online toolkits provide resources on topical issues of net distribution, net use and country approaches toward malaria control and prevention.


Online Toolkit for Care and Repair Research and BCC Interventions

This toolkit contains resources for program planners and NMCPs related to the care and repair of mosquito nets. It includes formative research tools, protocols, and reports; materials developed for BCC campaigns around care and repair, and tools and questionaires for evaluating net care and repair behaviors. 


Online Toolkit for Continuous Distribution

This toolkit is a compliation of resources from recent experiences and research of LLIN continuous distribution systems. An array of potential mechanisms exist, including distributing nets through schools, community volunteers, or ante-natal visits, and are discussed in detail in the guides and resources in this toolkit. 


Online Toolkit for NetWorks Country Resources 

The NetWorks Country Resources toolkit offers resources from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda and Madagascar. Each country developed a strategic approach for their population, optimizing existing and expanding current LLIN distribution channels and designing BCC campaigns to promote the availability and recommended use of nets. Resources in the toolkit include research publications, process evaluations, strategy documents, training materials, BCC campaign material, evaluation tools and questionnaires, and other resources developed by each country toward achieving and sustaining national universal coverage of LLINs.